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Fishermen are perhaps the greatest storytellers in the world. Together, they represent a vast repository of both legends and true-life experiences. Why? Because each fishing trip, each cast, and each fish caught is a unique event.

I started this site because I think that good stories should be shared by everyone. I love swapping yarns with other fishermen, and I hope you do too. FishingStories.Net is your virtual "pickle barrel" on the World Wide Web, where you can go to read for amusement, inspiration, or diversion. Anything you've ever heard related to fishing that is funny, incredible, provocative, or insightful can be placed here. This is your site.

What is the strangest thing you've ever heard of that happened on a fishing trip? How about your funniest fishing joke? Can you think of a quote you'd like to share? It's time to put it out there for everyone to enjoy. And if your submission includes photos, art, or even movies, then send that along too! If you've got a site and you want to link it to your submission, great!

You're also free to take what you want from this site. All I ask is that you give the source credit for what you've taken.

How the Site Works -

What can you submit? Any or all of the following:

If you've got something to share, just drop me a line. Let me help you tell your story.

I'm also always looking for links to other good fishing stuff. If you know of a good fishing site, let me know.

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